Set-Up & Maintenance

We do it all - Whether it's tank design, install, relocation (local), tear-down, or just cleaning the skimmer. Call us with the details and our staff can provide an estimate.

Monthly Maintenance Program includes:

  • Tank up to 100 gallons
  • (2) visits
  • Water testing
  • Water change
  • Acclimation of any new purchases
  • Cleaning
  • 25% off all live goods!

$100 per month, plus $1.00 for each additional gallon of tank size.

Live Rock

Our live rock is offered at one low price of $5.99 per pound. If you prefer to culture your own, ask us about DRY rock!


When the health of your fish is in question, we conveniently offer self-contained quarantine tanks. Please call prior to drop-off so that our staff can prep for acclimation.

RO/DI Water

We sell reverse osmosis (RO) deionized (DI) water for both fresh and saltwater aquariums for just $0.90 per gallon. We can even match the salinity in your home tank for a less stressful water change for both you AND your fish.

Parameter Testing

Bring us a sample of your aquarium water and we'll do the dirty science work for you, for FREE! Along with the results, our staff can provide guidance in correcting poor water quality.

Custom Orders

Looking to Purchase a Tank?

Gulf Coast Aquarium is your one-stop shop! We offer an easy to apply for 90-day payment plan, with no obligation and NO credit check.


Our staff can box up your order and ship it. Limited to the continental United States. We apologize for any inconvenience.