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Are you looking for your next "WOW" tank?


Or maybe looking for your next exotic reptile?


Then come and see us at "The Gulf" today! We have everything you need for your tank and terrarium needs. Whether it's saltwater, freshwater, or reptiles, we are here to help!


Additional Information

"It's more then just a tank."

Gulf Coast Aquarium, Inc has been open since 2012.

  A "Jewelry Store" for fish and coral.  We are a saltwater and tropical fish, live coral, invertebrates and reptile store located  in Panama City's Historic Downtown. in Northwest Florida.  We offer premium corals and ethically acquired fish from around the world. We have the biggest selection of “Take it Home” today tanks of all sizes for beginners to advanced hobbyists. We have a large selection of unique Reptiles looking for their "forever home" as well. We take the time to handle and work with each reptile to ensure proper temperament, and here they get the best nutrition for optimal health! We will offer sales, set-ups, service, and maintenance. We offer these professional, friendly services to our customers with over 40 years of combined retail management experience. 

We take pride in our healthy reptiles and fish stock. We also take pride in our knowledge. Every new animal, that we bring into the store we take the time to do plenty of research to make sure that it is being taken care of properly, and getting everything it needs. We keep our fish systems  and terrariums clean. All fish are medicated, and well cared for. All reptiles are fed two-three times a week.  We, at The Gulf, are more than just a local business store. We are a family who has lots of joy in this hobby. We want others to enjoy the hobby just as much as we do. So come by and see us today!