customer care

Store Policy

We sell tanks and all of the equipment needed for set ups, including lighting. Tank set ups and deliveries are a separate charge than the charge for the tank itself. We also perform services for tanks and terrariums. Our tank service includes all of the basic needs for a tank including but not limited to: water testing, water changes, top offs, sock changes, and any chemical dosing. We have limited price matching for certain products in store, but not all products. Our return policy is listed below. Please call the store for any questions on our terms, rates, and agreements for any of the tank/terrarium services we perform.

Privacy Policy

All of our customers information's private. If you have been added into our system it is strictly to be able to send out emails, invoices, and to keep track of your purchases. No card information or any other kind of personal information is given out to anyone. Any information taken by Gulf Coast Aquarium, Inc is used solely for professional purposes.

Wholesale Inquiries

We are a licensed Wholesale Dealer as of 2019. 

Return Policy

Dry Goods And Services:  We will accept, in the original packaging, unopened and unused, items within 3 days from date of purchase and provide store credit or exchanges only. Any equipment proven to be defective or faulty may be covered under the manufacture directly, if needed, and provide additional contact support to get you a replacement from that company. For services rendered, deposits and maintenance program payments are final.

Live Goods: We do NOT refund the purchase of animals due to the stress involved in transport and the introduction to a new environment or other factors we cannot be completely aware of. Due to the delicate and fragile nature of saltwater fish, corals, and other invertebrates, we do NOT offer a replacement guarantee. We provide free water testing and encourage our customers to know quality of their water before purchasing fish, corals, and invertebrates.

We observe fish from the time of arrival to insure proper acclimation and recover from shipping. We do frequent water changes on our water and test our water daily to ensure all levels are perfect. We do not sell any fish that we do not see eat, or fish that are unhealthy. We encourage you to as us to let you see the fish eat before purchasing. We also encourage all customers to properly acclimate their fish, corals, and invertebrates to ensure less stress on the fish. Issues with newly purchased fish, coral, or invertebrates within a 24 hour period will be handled on a case by case basis when provided a separate water sample.

Payment Methods

Checks, Cash, Debit/Credit Cards are accepted here.