What is your return policy?

Our return policy is listed under our Customer Care tab. It is also next to the computer in store. We do not guarantee fish, and we do not take returns on live goods.

Do you ship?

As of right now we do not ship. We are not an online store. However, some time in the future we do hope to be able to start shipping.

Do you guys test water?

We do test water, but water testing at Gulf Coast Aquarium, Inc is not free. It's $10 for all of your water parameters: pH, Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate, Phosphate, KH, Calcium, and Salinity. However, if you spend a minimum of $10 in store, then your water testing is free.

Do you have premixed saltwater?

We do have premixed saltwater. It's $1 a gallon. We keep our salinity around 1.022-1.025, and we test our salinity daily.

Do you carry freshwater fish?

We do carry freshwater fish, inverts, and plants. We also carry reptiles.

Can you deliver tanks?

We do deliver and set up tanks, but we charge a delivery and set up fee.

Do you service tanks?

We do maintain service for tanks and terrariums. Talk to one of our store maintenance specialists for more details and a quote.