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Gulf Coast Aquarium and Pets

Gulf Coast Aquarium and Pets is the true definition of a “family affair”. Heath Kent, owner, had a mission to provide Panama City with the ultimate Saltwater and Freshwater fish store. He believes hobbyists should have the ultimate experience when choosing fish, corals and aquariums. Soon, the first store grew and his wife, Jessica, joined to keep pace with customer demand and growth. This turned the store’s focus to both fish and reptiles.

In 2023, they realized space was at a premium, and another upgrade was due. They relocated the store to the Panama Plaza to provide a larger shopping experience and a more convenient location for customers. 

Located in the Panama Plaza
Next to Piggly Wiggly
1366 West 15th Street
Panama City, Florida 32401

Gulf Coast Aquarium Panama City Florida
Gulf Coast Aquarium Panama City Florida