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Hand-Picked Corals in Panama City

Discover a kaleidoscope of colors and shapes as you explore our extensive range of corals. From the delicate elegance of soft corals to the robust beauty of hard corals, our selection caters to both novice and experienced aquarists. We ensure that each piece is of exceptional quality, vivid colors, and unique patterns. Plus, we offer the widest selection in Panama City and Northwest Florida. And if we don’t have what you’re looking for, we’ll certainly get it just for your tank. Your underwater oasis awaits at Gulf Coast Aquarium and Pets!


We take pride in delivering only the finest corals to our customers. Each coral is inspected by our team to review health, vibrancy, and adaptability to aquarium life. Rest easy knowing that your purchase is backed by our commitment to quality and satisfaction. We source our corals from sustainable and responsible suppliers to ensure the health and longevity of your underwater ecosystem.

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Select any of our corals with confidence knowing that our team is here to support you. Our professional team can assist you with any inquiries, from selecting the perfect corals for your setup to providing guidance on maintenance and care. We love seeing our customers succeed!

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ecotech radeon Panama City gulf coast aquarium

Light it Up

EcoTech RADION LED lights represent the pinnacle of technology in the aquarium lighting industry. And we are HUGE fans of their entire line. With their precision spectrum, advanced optics, and user-friendly controls, these lights offer a revolutionary experience for both seasoned aquarists and newcomers to the hobby. Illuminate your underwater world with EcoTech RADION LED lights and witness the transformative impact on the health, beauty, and sustainability of your aquarium. Come by and check them! We love them so much it’s all we use on our saltwater reef tanks!

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Coral Maintenance

Just want to sit back and enjoy your tank? No worries. We offer full service aquarium maintenance and setup for Panama City and the surrounding area. Corals can be rewarding, but also delicate and a challenge to care for. Our professional team will clean and maintain your tank with filtered RO/DI water and provide any needed water supplements. This service can save you time and help you enjoy your aquarium even more!